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The Budapest Academy of City Diplomacy

The Academy’s mission is to build a cadre of value-driven young urban diplomats who can constructively engage in the big debates shaping the future and build a high-resolution picture of what is happening around us. I am confident that the Academy will continue its activities for a long time after its successful first year.

Gergely Karácsony, Mayor of Budapest

The City Diplomacy Academy will greatly help Budapest to engage more effectively in international work. The Academy will ensure a new generation of city diplomats by introducing university students and recent graduates to international and city diplomacy.

Dávid Korányi, Senior Advisor to the Mayor on City Diplomacy

What makes a good school? Attractive and marketable educational content, excellent lecturers and hard-working, motivated students – we already had all this in the first year, 2020-2021 of the Budapest City Diplomacy Academy. Building on these foundations, we will continue our work together in the framework of the accredited adult education programme, exploring the specific tasks and tools of city diplomacy together with the students, while familiarizing them with the diverse world of inter-state relations.

Péter Balázs, Director of the Academy

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